EcoAventura Trekking 4DAYS/3NIGHTS!

The scriptTrekking EcoAventura, A beautiful itinerary started in Barreirinhas via Lagoa Bonita. This script was designed for the participant to have a greater immersion experience in the desert. Unlike usual models, it eliminates part of the desert experience with a walk along the river, and coast of Lençóis Maranhenses. In this model, we are on the dunes from 5 am on the first day until 6 pm on the last day. The route, which benefits new communities in Lençóis Maranhenses, also visits traditional communities in the trekking event such as the Baixa Grande and Queimada dos Britos oases. It ends in Betânia, municipality of Santo Amaro do Maranhão, returning to Barreirinhas in a private car.

Day 1 - Barreirinhas / Lagoa Bonita / Mocambo

At 4 am, we depart from the city of Barreirinhas, in private 4x4 transport towards the region of Lagoa Bonita, where we will have breakfast before starting our 12km trekking between Lagoa Bonita and Povoado Mocambo, the location of our first overnight stay. We will settle in the natives' house, with food service, overnight with breakfast. In the afternoon, a short walk to find a lagoon and a good spot for sunset, at night, bonfire and experience with natives.

Day 2 - Mocambo Village / Baixa Grande Oasis

After breakfast at Dona Paixão's house, at exactly 4 am, we head towards the primitive area, but precisely to the Baixa Grande oasis. Stretch with a distance of 14km, between dunes and lagoons, some going up and some going down. We will settle in the home of natives known as a support house. Overnight service in hammocks, in some rooms with beds. In Baixa Great food service. In the afternoon, sunset walk.

Day 3 - Oasis Baixa Grande / Queimada dos Britos

After breakfast at five, we set off on our second day through the primitive zone, it is 11km between Baixa Grande and Queimada dos Britos. Many lagoons along the way, technical stops to enjoy and dive in the crystal clear waters. Our objective is Dona Joana's newsroom in Queimada dos Britos. In the afternoon, small attacks on the dunes to watch a beautiful sunset. At night, experience with the nomadic community of the oases.

Day 4 - Oasis Queimada dos Britos/ Betânia/ Santo Amaro/ Barreirinhas

After breakfast, at 4 am, we start our longest stretch, there are about 17 km between Queimada dos Britos and Betânia, along the way many lagoons and special moments to enjoy this region. Our objective is the Alegre River in the village of Betânia, where we will have our meal on the banks of the river, as well as after the well-deserved rest, a transport takes us directly to Barreirinhas in an hour and a half transfer.

Whichit is included

Private land transport:

Entrance: Barreirinhas/Lagoa Bonita

Departure: Betânia/Barreirinhas

accident insurance

Driver - Language - Portuguese

Overnight in hammocks at Pov. mocambo


Overnight in hammocks at Oasis Baixa Grande


Overnight in hammocks at Oasis Queimada dos Britos


55km on foot

Four days/three nights event

Rescue Leaving Lençóis Maranhenses (Physical wear, blisters on the feet or giving up)

Investment values.

01 Person  - R$ 4,500.00

02 People - BRL 2,450.00 P/Person

03 People - BRL 1,750.00 P/Person

04 People - BRL 1,425.00 P/Person

Validity of this itinerary: 07/01/2022 to 11/30/2022

(98)  99152-2901

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