100% Ecological Crossing

The 100% Ecological route aims to bring people closer to nature, without interference, without the use of automotive transport. There are eight days and seven nights, totaling 120km of adventure on foot through the only humid desert on the planet, all overnight stays are at different points, communities along the Lençóis Maranhenses. The average daily walk is 4 hours, with the exception of the third day between Canto de Atins and Lagoa Bonita, which is about 23km done in two stages of the day. A walk to enjoy the nature of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

"One of the greatest experiences in Lençóis Maranhenses, a true encounter with the wild nature of this place"

Day 1 - Barreirinhas / Blue Lagoon

The walk starts in Barreirinhas at 3 pm, in the main square of the city. The participants, after checking the equipment, head towards the crossing of the Preguiças River, towards the main road that will lead us to the Lagoa Azul region for our first overnight stay.

It is about 10km between the city center and the Lagoa Azul region.

Day 2 - Blue Lagoon/ Canto de Atins

After breakfast, the ecological expedition heads north towards the Canto de Atins region, visiting the lake circuit in that region. Visiting the community of Ponta do Mangue during the midday break.

In the afternoon, a short walk to the place where we will spend the night. The newsroom of Mr. Antonio Carlos and his wife. 

The route will have an average of 15 km in total.

Day 3 - Canto de Atins/ Baixa da Onça/Lagoa Bonita

After breakfast, the expedition proceeds to its longest route on the route, 23km will be done in two stages of the day, the first one ends in Baixa da Onça, for the midday break and the second in the region of Lagoa Bonita, overnight. After enjoying every day with beautiful lagoons.

Day 4 - Lagoa Bonita / Mocambo Village

After breakfast, the expedition continues for about 13 km between the region of Lagoa Bonita and the village of Mocambo, along the way there are strategic stops for enjoying and diving in the crystalline lagoons.

In the village of Mocambo, installed in the overnight stays, after the midday break, we continue on a small attack walk around the region to appreciate lagoons and a good place for the sunset.

Day 5 - Mocambo Village / Baixa Grande

For this day, our itinerary takes us to the primitive zone, but precisely the Baixa Grande oasis. It will be about 15km between the village of Mocambo and Baixa Grande, where we will spend the night.

In the afternoon, after the midday break, we continue to explore the oasis and enjoy the sunset.

Free night, bonfire and experience.

Day 6 - Baixa Grande/Queimada dos Britos

After breakfast at five, we set off on our second day through the primitive area, it is 11km between Baixa Grande and Queimada dos Britos. Many lagoons along the way, technical stops to enjoy and dive in the crystal clear waters. Our objective is Dona Joana's newsroom in Queimada dos Britos. In the afternoon, small attacks on the dunes to watch a beautiful sunset. At night, experience with the nomadic community of the oases.

Day 7 - Queimada dos Britos / Rancharia / Betânia

After breakfast, the expedition heads towards the southern region of Lençóis Maranhenses, in our first stage of the day, we will arrive at the village of Rancharia, the group remains until 14pm when we start the walk to the region of the village of Betânia, ending thus  our seventh day of hiking. Total walk about 20km.

Day 8 - Betânia/ Ponta do  Cashew / Santo Amaro do Maranhão

After breakfast, we head towards the first part of the day to the region of Lagoa da Andorinha, but precisely the region of Ponta do Caju in the municipality of Santo Amaro do Maranhão, taking advantage of all that region and its famous lagoons.

After the midday break to end our tour, we take the sunset walk to the city of Santo Amaro do Maranhão.

In our last one, it is about 15 km, closing our tour from end to end on foot.

what is  included in

accident insurance  Individual

Driver - Specialist

Overnight with breakfast - fruits/cereals

Tracking  Via  Satellite

Photographic register

Coconut water at midday stops

130km on foot

Rescue due to fatigue or physical wear, blisters on the feet, heat stroke.

Investment values.

BRL 3,400.00 per person

Max. 06pax Min. 02pax

Validity of this itinerary: 03/23/2022 to 05/30/2022

(98)  99152-2901

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