Super Trekking 03days/02nights

The Super Trekking. A crossing of three days and two nights, which includes a new path, which we affectionately call the green coast of Lençóis Maranhenses, because the entire route is developed on the edges of the dune field, between a community on the south side of the park. The ST3D2N. It is also a proposal, which was being thought of by the teamEast Coast EcoAdventure due to the growth in the number of people and groups on the traditional route. Making a new route with lakes and unknown places in Lençóis Maranhenses was an idea that benefited everyone, trekking participants and residents of the communities we visited.  Two new places are presented in this region to the community of Mocambo and the community of Rancharia, beautiful places, we hope you all enjoy the nature of these places, they are amazing. 

Day 1 - Barreirinhas / Lagoa Bonita / Mocambo Village

We start in Barreirinhas, at 4 am in a 4x4, with a duration of 1 hour to the region of Lagoa Bonita, where we start the 13 km trekking over dunes and around crystalline lagoons. Duration of the walk about 4 hours total, including technical stops. Photographing, Diving and Contemplating. Our goal is the Mocambo community. In the afternoon, small

attack on the dunes without backpacks, and at night living with the community.

 Day 2 - Mocambo Village / Rancharia Village

After breakfast, at 5 am, we leave towards the village of Rancharia, it will be about 14 km, over dunes, crossing rivers, bordering crystalline lagoons. Walking duration at least four and a half hours, as on all other days, sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill. Our attraction of this  day, the Bicudo lagoon and its neighboring lake. In the afternoon, small attacks on the dunes, a beautiful sunset and a lot of experience.

Day 3 - Rancharia Village / Betânia Village / Santo Amaro / Barreirinhas

After breakfast, at 4 am, we start our first stage of the day, which will be about 12 km over the dunes, between Rancharia and Betânia. At the end of the morning after the walk, we stayed in Betânia for the midday break, and at 2 pm, we continued for another 8 km to the city of Santo Amaro, with many stops at the lagoons, and in the late afternoon, private transport from Santo Amaro to Barreirinhas.

Whichit is included

Transport in (Barreirinhas/Lagoa Bonita)

Breakfast at Lagoa Bonita

accident insurance

Driver - Language - Portuguese

Trekking L. Bonita / Mocambo (12km)

Overnight in hammocks in Povoado Mocambo


Trekking Mocambo/ Rancharia (14km)

Overnight in hammocks at Povoado Rancharia


trekkingRanch House / Bethany (13km)

trekkingBethany/St. Amaro (10km)

49km on foot

three days/two nights

Out transport (Santo Amaro/Barreirinhas)

Investment values.

01 Person  BRL 3,300.00

02 People BRL 1,750.00 per person

03 People BRL 1,260.00 per person

From 04 people R$ 1,000.00 reais per person

Max Group. 08pax Min. 01

Validity of this itinerary: 01/07/2022 to 10/30/2022

(98)  99152-2901

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