Route of Emotions

Rota das Emoções is a tourist route created in 2005, through the Sebrae in conjunction with Ministry of Tourism (Brazil), to stimulate tourism in the region do Brazilian Northeast.

In order to explore the coastal attractions of three states: PiauíCeará e maranhão, known for its exotic landscapes, sun, beach, dunes, culture, gastronomy and uma fauna e flora  Breathtakingly being one of the beautiful attractions of the Brazil.

It comprises the beautiful Jericoacoara beachcamocim e baroque no Ceará, passing by the beaches of beach cashew treeLuís Correia e o Delta do Parnaíba in Piauí and os Maranhão sheets no maranhão.


The route covers a stretch of 14 cities coastal between Strength e Sao Luis do Maranhao, totaling 900km.

Day 1 - St.Luís/ Barreirinhas / Atins

Upon arrival at São Luís airport, our transport with driver service, transfers participants to Barreirinhas,  290km asphalt road, "many speed bumps on the way" about 4 hours total with a  strategic stop in the middle of the route. In Barreirinhas, a speedboat transfers you to Atins beach across the Preguiças river, which takes about an hour.

In Atins, check-in at the Pousada, free night.

Day 2 - Atins

In Atins, after breakfast, participants can enjoy one of the most famous circuits in Lençóis Maranhenses, the Canto de Atins circuit, crystal clear lagoons and paradisiacal landscapes, in addition to the gastronomic experience, in the community with the famous grilled shrimp.

In the afternoon, lagoon and sunset, before returning to the village of Atins.

In Atins, free night.

Day 3 - Atins/ Tutoia/ Delta do Parnaíba/ City of Parnaíba

After breakfast, the Costa Leste EcoAventura team transfers the participants from Atins beach to Caburé beach, where the participant travels by 4x4 to the city of Tutoia, entrance to the Parnaíba Delta. Place where we will take a boat and cross the islands of the Delta towards the city of Parnaíba, with a strategic stop on the island of Coroatá, and pause for the Sunset along with the flight of the Guarás, the red birds. And then we will end the day at the Pousada in Parnaíba.

Day 4 - City of Parnaíba/ Camocim/ Jericoacoara

After breakfast, our transfer continues towards the city of Camocim before arriving in Jericoacoara. Carrying out a Ferryboat crossing, we can follow  to Jericoacoara using the access on the west side of Jericoacoara, contemplating the participant with a visit to Lagoa da Torta, ending the day in Jericoacoara.

In Jericoacoara, free night 

Day 5 - Jericoacaora

After breakfast, our day will continue towards the eastern region of Jericoacoara, with a visit in a 4x4 buggy, Lagoa Azul, Pedra Furada and Barroquinha beach, among other famous spots on Jericoacoara beach, ending the day at the dune do sunset.

Day 6 - Jericoacaora/Fortress Airport

After breakfast, the transfer East Coast EcoAventura, goes towards the city of Fortaleza, asphalt road, about 5 hours, approximately, three hundred kilometers.

The transfer ends at the airport, or accommodation previously informed by the participants.

Does not include:

Accommodation - see the catalog of recommended options for our Route of Emotions itinerary.

Alimentation  - In all tours we suggest places for good meals.

End of Tour.

Whichit is included

Private transport from São Luis to Barreirinhas

Speedboat (spare engine) from Barreirinhas to Atins

Atins Circuit Tour, Beaches and Lagoons

Crossing from Atins to Praia do Caburé (4x4/Boat)

Private 4x4 transport from Praia do Caburé to Tutoia City

Parnaíba Delta boat crossing from Tutoia to Parnaíba City

Transfer from Porto de Parnaíba to Pousada do Participant in Parnaíba

Private 4x4 transport from Parnaíba to Jericoacoara via Camocim

Buggy tour in Jericoacoara visiting the east side of the village

Private 4x4 transport from Jericoacoara to Fortaleza airport

Investment values.

Consult budget for your group.

Validity of this itinerary: 01/07/2022 to 10/30/2022

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