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Tapuio Kayak Expedition

The Tapuio Kayak Expedition - Casa da Farinha, is a beautiful tour that we always recommend to couples, families, lovers of nature and culture. Part-time expedition with daily departures, throughout the year.

Exp. Tapuio, starts in Barreirinhas, directly from Avenida Beira Rio, in front of the Restaurante O Bambu. Our navigation takes place on the Preguiças river, the purpose of the expedition, in addition to meeting nature, of course, we also visit the flour house, located in the village of Tapuio, about 02 minutes from the city center. Place where we can combine a lecture on the culture of Cassava and a good snack organized by the Costa Leste team on the banks of the late Rio Preguiças.

Description of the expedition - 06mn ( Nautical miles ) total rowing - Half day 

After the explanation of the expedition and safety guidelines, carried out by the Costa Leste team, the participants proceed in kayaks towards the village of Tapuio, paddling along the main river Preguiças, the water current in their favor. Along the way, streams, the edges of the forest are also explored, and wild nature, composed of its mangroves and palm trees, do their part surprising us.


In our moment in the village of Tapuio, the lecture on the culture of Cassava enriches our tour, under the command of cultural conductor José Maria, the beast. The flour house is located on the banks of the Preguiças river next to the restaurants in that region, which allows us to enjoy a little, before returning to the city of Barreirinhas.  

During our expedition, our itinerary also visits branches of the Preguiças river, such as the Tapuio stream, leaving us closer to the local nature. The route, it has different return options, the direction in which we return to Barreirinhas, depends on the direction of the current at the time of return.

Equipment Check List Exp. tapuio

10L backpack

UV protection long sleeve shirts

Flip flops

diving sandals

neck protectors



sports towel



photographic equipment  

what is  included in

accident insurance

Driver - Language - Portuguese

Paddling Equipment:




Watertight Bags

Snack Box

Lecture on Cassava Culture (Casa da Farinha)

Investment values.

BRL 150.00 per person

min. 02pax Max. 05pax

Validity of this script: 01/01/2022 to 05/30/2022

(98)  99152-2901

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