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Kayak Expeditions Santo Amaro do Maranhão

The Expedition of Kayaks Santo Amaro do Maranhão, explores the Rio Grande, its mysteries, its culture and its unique beauty, the river bathes the dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses, giving us the opportunity to dive in the crystalline lagoons along the way. The expedition leaves from the city of Santo Amaro or Barreirinhas, returning to the city of origin at the end of the expedition. The equipment used are river kayaks, open with seats. Double or single rowing. All support is included in the expedition, food, overnights and photographic record.

Description of the day-to-day expedition - 36mn to remo - 02Days/ 01Night

Day 1 - Barra village / Ponta do Espigão - Departing from the original cities, the expedition travels to the town of Barra, where we find the Rio Grande, and begin our adventure on the water. The paddling start time is 6:30 am right after breakfast organized by the team so that participants can be well during the first two hours of paddling, our first break on land.

After 4 minutes of rowing, it's time for our first stop on land, at the São Gerônimo ranch, where we can have a small snack, stretch our legs, rest for the next stage in the morning.

After a break at the ranch, our expedition continues along the Rio Grande, to the place where we will find a Rio da 35, which will help us in relation to the route, then we return to Rio Grande, ending our stage of the day, at Ponta do Espigão, already located on the banks of the Lençóis Maranhenses, in the house of Mr. Adelino and Dona Leonice.

Our base camp site, in the Ponta do Espigão region, on the freshwater beach, a place with a bathroom, with the possibility of staying overnight in tents or hammocks from Maranhão.

At Dona Leonice's house we will have our meal of the day, and we will have the support of this friendly family of natives.

Enjoying the evening with a campfire, watching the night sky, or even a little paddling. Anyway, the experiences are numerous for this paradise.

The next morning, breakfast is organized by the team, and then we start our second day with a stretch from Ponta do Espigão to Santo Amaro do Maranhão, visiting Betânia and its crystalline lagoons.

Day 2 - Ponta do Espigão / Santo Amaro City

After breakfast, we continue for another 10 minutes between Ponta do Espigão and Santo Amaro, passing through Betânia, taking breaks, enjoying the region, in this stretch the river tapers and increases its descent speed, then we can relax more and enjoy the descent. . Along the way we stop at relevant points of the local historical context, as well as the beautiful lakes of Betânia.

Along the way, many good surprises on account of nature, sometimes observation of animals in the region, other times even cultural phenomena such as what we witness in this photograph, the crossing of a herd, driven by native cowherds of the region.

The expedition ends in Santo Amaro do Maranhão, where we can enjoy the Alegre River and its natural beauty. Our stop takes place in the downtown area of Santo Amaro near the restaurants, structures so that we can organize ourselves to follow our accommodations not included, in Santo Amaro or Barreirinhas.

End of Tour

Equipment Check List Exp. Santo Amaro do Maranhao.

10L backpack

UV protection long sleeve shirts

Flip flops

diving sandals

neck protectors



sports towel



Photographic equipment 

Whichit is included

accident insurance

Driver - Language - Portuguese

Paddling Equipment:




Watertight Bags

long sleeve shirts

Snack Box

typical lunch

Dinner typical



Transport 4x4 in/out 

19min rowing

Investment values.

01 Person  - R$ 4,500.00

02 People - BRL 2,750.00.00 P/Person

03 People - BRL 2,200.00 P/Person

04 People - BRL 1,900.00 P/Person

Validity of this itinerary: 07/01/2022 to 11/30/2022

(98)  99152-2901

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