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Cycle tourism

Cycling tourism, an activity carried out in two days and one night, a pedal, started in Barreirinhas that visits the small Lençóis Maranhenses and the Grandes Lençóis Maranhenses. Started on boats, from Barreirinhas. Participants are taken to Atins where we start our ride for about 33km to the Baixa Grande oasis, the first part with 18km over the beach and the rest over the dunes. After our overnight stay in B. Grande, our ride continues on the way to Lagoa Bonita where we end our ride and return to Barreirinhas, after a day of 20km visiting crystal clear lakes and beautiful landscapes.

Description of the day-to-day expedition - 55km cycling  - 02Days/ 01Nights


Day 1 - Barreirinhas/ Atins/ Baixa Grande , our first day starts in Barreirinhas at eight in the morning with our boat trip to Atins visiting the Pequenos Lençóis Maranhenses. During the boat tour, optionally, participants can take a short 2.5km pedal ride on the Pequenos Lençóis golden dunes before arriving at Atins beach where our pedaling through Grandes Lençóis begins.

In Atins, we started our pedaling with about 35km between Atins and Baixa Grande, where part of this route we make by the sea, another part over the dunes, making the pedal more beautiful, because on the beach between February and May it is possible to find small waterfalls by the path formed by the waters that come from the ponds that burst naturally due to excess water  in Lençóis Maranhenses.

Our arrival at the Baixa Grande oasis, is given by a beautiful view, the sunset dune, in the oasis we took the opportunity to get to know the surrounding region doing a short walk relaxing our legs for the next day.

Enjoying the rest of the days in the lagoons.

Day 2 - Baixa Grande / Lagoa Bonita,  After breakfast, we continue our bike ride for another 20km between Baixa Grande and Lagoa Bonita, with many stops along the way, on this day our route follows the dune line, making our pedaling easier.

Guaranteed excitement and beautiful lagoons along the way.

On our second day, as we had mentioned, we followed the beautiful development of the dune, that is, we cycled snaking, following the banks of the lakes, going up and down at other times, the path becomes fast, giving us more time to enjoy the lakes along the way. out of the way. It's 20km of adrenaline on two wheels.

Our arrival at the end of the trail in the region of Lagoa Bonita, has one of the most desired views of Lençóis Maranhenses, a beautiful panoramic view of the desert and its lagoons. In Lagoa Bonita, participants have the option of leaving the city immediately or staying in that region until sunset. A private transport takes us back to the city with our equipment.

End of tour.

Check-List of Cycling Equipment in Lençóis Maranhenses

30L backpack

UV protection long sleeve shirts

Flip flops

diving sandals

neck protectors



sports towel



photographic equipment


Investment values.

BRL 1,400.00 per person 

Max. 04pax Min. 02pax

Validity of this script: 01/01/2022 to 05/30/2022

what is  included in

accident insurance

Driver - Language - Portuguese

Pedal Equipment:




Radio Communicators

Waterproof bags

long sleeve shirts

trail snack

02 typical lunch

01 Dinner  typical

01 breakfast

01 overnight stay

4x4 in/out transport 

55km cycling

(98)  99152-2901

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